Documents for Application - Specialized Training College Students
- Embassy Recommendation
<大使館推薦> 専修学校留学生 申請関係書類

Applicants MUST read through the Application Guidelies below and follow the instructions.
If you need software applicatoin to open PDF files, Click on the Adobe Reader icon to go to the free download site to view the applicaitons. Use text tools for filling out, if applicable.

Application Forms along with Certificate of Health, and Recommendation Letter should be submitted to the Japanese Embassy or Consulate General in your country. These documents can be printed out and filled in by hand-written, typed out, or filled in with software applications and printed out.

Application Guidelines

Application Forms

Note: Certificate of Health must be filled in by a professional medical doctor.

Note: This is a sample. Any form/style of letter is to be accepted.

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