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Collecting Information About Studying in Japan

In order to select a university that is most suitable for achieving your objective, it is extremely important that the prospective student has an accurate understanding of such things as the educational circumstances in Japan as well as the features of the education or research offered by a university. It is also important that you get to know about living in Japan or the available scholarships in advance. One way to collect information related to studying in Japan is through overseas Japanese diplomatic establishments and the Association of International Education, Japan.

Gathering information through overseas Japanese diplomatic establishments

1) Various information related to studying in Japan are provided by overseas Japanese embassies and consular offices. Consultation is also available. You can read university and school guides, information about Japanese scholarships and various pamphlets including those about Japan in general. You can find the locations and phone numbers as well as the web sites of Japanese diplomatic establishments here.

2) In countries where there are especially large numbers of students destined for Japan, Japanese embassies and consular offices retain people who possess wide-ranging knowledge about Japanese circumstances - such as former foreign students - to serve as student advisors. They are available for various inquiries and consultations.

3) Japanese diplomatic establishments, in principle, also conduct the recruitment and initial screening of Embassy Recommendation candidates for Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho) Scholarships. For details regarding application procedures and schedules, please inquire at a Japanese embassy or consular office in your country.

Gathering information through Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO)

1) Various information related to studying in Japan can be found at JASSO web site.
"Gateway to Study in Japan"
"Events on Study in Japan"

2) Organization of Japan Education Fairs: In order to make it possible for prospective students to select an educational institution that matches his or her objective and achieve a fruitful study abroad in Japan experience, JASSO organizes Japan Education Fairs with the participation of Japanese universities and other educational institutions. It is an opportunity for prospective students to directly acquire information related to Japanese circumstances as well as the various features of the education or research offered by individual universities. The fairs are held in such countries and regions as China, the Republic of Korea, Taiwan and Southeast Asia. The content of the fairs include the following:

(i) Overall explanatory meetings, seminars (includes lectures by former foreign students)
(ii) Individual guidance sessions

  • Prospective students are provided individual consultation by universities and other institutions at booths set up at the fair site
  • Booths for individual consultations are also set up for general issues related to studying in Japan
  • Video presentations about Japan, Japanese Universities, etc. are given

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