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Regarding Links on This Site

You are welcome to set up a link to Study in Japan: Comprehensive Guide. The icon shown below may be used for the link, and the size may be changed as needed to make the icon better fit your web page. Since the link to this website is free in principle, prior permission is not required.


If you're considering
studying in Japan

- Benefits of Studying in Japan
- Schools & Life in Japan
- Start By Finding Out the Basics

Gateway to Study in Japan, a website operated by JASSO


Other Scholarships

- What other scholarships available?
- What procedures are required?
- How shall I begin?

Do not give up! There is still a way!

JASSO’s website

Learning in English at Universities

Website of Global30, a project promoted by the Japanese government


List of undergraduate courses (JASSO’s website)

List of graduate courses (JASSO’s website)