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Let's Take Part in Internships for Foreign Students!

The Government of Japan believes that foreign students are competent international human resources with specialized knowledge and skills that will support the upgrading of Japanese industries and the globalization of Japanese companies. The government, therefore, is promoting the hiring of foreign students by Japanese companies. With this said, however, mutual understanding in this respect between foreign students and Japanese companies is still in its early stages. For this reason, the Government is providing support to promote participation in internships for foreign students that make use of school breaks at Universities, etc. and enable foreign students to experience working for Japanese companies.

An internship is a system that enables students to have practical on-the-job training in companies, etc., with employment experience related to their areas of specialization or their future careers.
Experiencing an internship will also provide a good opportunity for foreign students to get a feel for Japanese business practices and will be a meaningful opportunity for learning greetings, acquiring business manners, and enhancing communication skills.

Foreign student internships are offered two times a year during spring and summer school breaks. Calls for participation are made through each Employment Service Center for Foreigners, but foreign students cannot contact companies directly.
For further information, please refer to the latest information on the website page on internships for foreign students at each Employment Service Center for Foreigners or contact your campus office.

The websites of major Centers are as follows:

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