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Mombusho Scholars Association of India (MOSAI)

All India Japanese Language Speech Contest

Indian scholars who had been to Japan for higher study and research on Monbukagakusho Scholarships initially formed an alumni association. Subsequently its membership was extended to all Indians with higher study/research experience in Japan and in 1986 MOSAI was registered as a non-profit voluntary organisation under the Societies Registration Act of Delhi to promote Indo-Japan cooperation. Its membership is only for those with at least one year of continuous study or research experience in Japan. Some members are specialists in areas Social Sciences, Science & Technology, Language, Literature, Public administration, etc. occupying important positions in universities, research institutions, industry and government.

The annual activities of MOSAI are:

Guidance to Indian students on graduate & postgraduate studies in Japan by its Higher Educational Counselling Cell, in cooperation with JASSO organisation of Japan education fairs in New Delhi & Pune and entrance-tests for Japanese Universities (EJU).

Teaching of Japanese Language at MOSAI Institute of Japanese Language in New Delhi to students and to encourage language learners in India organising All India Japanese language speech contest participated by regional contest winners from west (Pune), east, (Kolkata), south (Chennai) and north (New Delhi). The well known Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) of Japan Foundation was also started in India by MOSAI and continues to be organised in New Delhi by MOSAI.

South Asian Federation of Japanese Universities Alumni Associations (SAFJUAA)

With encouragement, support and cooperation from the Government of Japan, its Embassy and Consulates, the Japan Foundation, Japan Student Services Organisation (JASSO), Associations of Japanese residents in India and others, MOSAI has emerged as a lead voluntary organisation specialising in promotion of educational and academic cooperation between India and Japan. Its President received Emperor of Japan's Medal of Honour and the Foreign Minister of Japan accorded commendation to the association.

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