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Chinese Students and Scholars Association Returned From Japan

The Chinese Students and Scholars Association Returned From Japan is a private sector group that was established on November 22, 1992 in Beijing. Organized by Chinese persons who have studied at a university or undergone training in Japan, it is China's first domestic Japan alumni association. It is a member of the All-China Youth Federation and receives the administrative guidance of the Sino-Japanese Youth Exchange Center.

Since its establishment, the Chinese Students and Scholars Association Returned from Japan has constantly followed its original purport to become a pillar for the building of the homeland and a bridge of friendship and goodwill between China and Japan. It has created a wide network between former study-in-Japan students, made hardworking efforts under the spirit "One is one and two is two," which refers to November 22, the date of its establishment in 1992, and carried out a wealth of wide-ranging activities.

The association is growing steadily as a private-sector organization for developing a network of former study-in-Japan students under the interest and support of related government divisions and people from all quarters of society. Since being established in 1992, it has carried out many down-to-earth activities to promote exchange between widely between those who have returned from studying in Japan as foreign students. It is thought of highly and welcomed by members.

In its future activities, the Chinese Students and Scholars Association Returned From Japan must continue to firmly maintain its policies including deepening friendships, reinforcing exchange and promoting cooperation, enhance the pride of former study-in-Japan students, carry out even more activities for strengthening the sense of solidarity, provide more opportunities for members, and make new contributions toward the development of Chinese society and the promotion of amicable relations between China and Japan.

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