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Japanese Graduate's Alumini Association of Sri Lanka (JAGAAS)

The Japanese Graduate's Alumini Association of Sri Lanka (JAGAAS) was formed in 1993 initially as the Monbusho Alumini Association of Sri Lanka comprising only Monbusho Scholarship Holders who had returned to Sri Lanka having studied in Japanese Universities under the Monbusho Scholarship Scheme.

Subsequently in order to bring all the Japanese Graduates who had completed their studies in the Japanese Universities under one umbrella, the name accordingly was changed to Japanese Graduate's Alumini Association of Sri Lanka (JAGAAS).

The main objectives of our association are -

  1. To share Knowledge and Experience gained in Japan with fellow Sri Lankans and the Society
  2. To possess a collective responsibility and mission to be Good Will Ambassadors between the two countries in promoting cultural and educational relations
  3. To provide a forum and to promote the spirit of Fellowship among members
  4. To promote and foster cultural and education relations between the two countries
  5. To assist members to enhance their knowledge by maintaining contacts with relevant institutions in Japan and Sri Lanka.

In order to achieve these objectives JAGAAS is conducting various cultural, educational and professional programs and events throughout the year all over the country.


Bon Odori is the main cultural event of JAGAAS which was initiated and introduced by JAGAAS in 1999 as a tribute and a mark of gratitude to Japan and Japanese people for the opportunity provided by the Japanese Government and Japanese people for us to study in Japan. Initially Bon Odori was organized and conducted exclusively by JAGAAS with the financial assistance and collaboration of the Japanese Embassy.

Through Bon Odori, JAGAAS objective was to provide a window to Sri Lankan Society and to other expatriate communities of the Japanese Culture of its traditional attire, songs and dance, food and drinks while providing an opportunity for the Japanese Community living in Sri Lanka for them to have an enjoyable evening once a year. Bon Odori provides a spectacular and magnificent sight to the Sri Lankan and other diplomatic community to see Japanese people dressed in their colorful kimonos and dancing to the rhythm of their traditional Japanese songs.

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