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Japan Alumni of Cambodia (JAC)


In the beginning (late 1999), about 10 of us who had studied in Japan got together for meals and so on, and after several meetings, we began to discuss that we could further our exchanges if we could establish something like an alumni association.
In July 2002, we established the Japan Alumni of Cambodia (JAC) through consultations with many people who had studied in Japan including a person who had been on the executive committee of an association for Cambodian students in Japan, and with the Embassy of Japan in Phnom Penh.
We spent about one year prior to JAC's founding gathering members and creating the organization. However, by Cambodian law, we could not begin our activities without official certification. We finally received our certification by the Interior Ministry of the Kingdom of Cambodia in July 2002 allowing us to officially establish our alumni association.

The biggest difficulty we had encountered in setting up our association was to collect members. Because the number of people who had studied in Japan was still limited, some people wondered whether it was really necessary for us to establish an alumni association. It took some time to get their understanding. However, after repeated discussions, people's enthusiasms for the alumni association became stronger, and they agreed to its establishment despite any personal or job-hunting problems they had.
We also had financial difficulties. Without our office, we often assembled at restaurants, but this became costly because of expenses for each meal. Because many Japan alumni had financial or other problems, this was a major challenge. Even phone calls had to be paid by each member. Although E-mail is inexpensive and very convenient, not many Japan alumni had access to E-mail.
Finally, about five or six of us worked together, chipped in money, gathered materials, dealt with the procedures to establish the alumni association, got the agreement of other people who had studied in Japan and succeeded in establishing our association.

  • JAC's first Annual General Meeting
  • Commemorative ceremony for the official establishment of JAC; attended by H.E. Mr. Gotaro Ogawa, Japanese Ambassador to the Kingdom of Cambodia

Major activities

  • To cooperate for the holding of explanatory meetings for those who are willing to study in Japan
  • To promote friendship and exchanges among JAC members
  • To provide aftercare to Japan alumni who have returned to Cambodia
  • To cooperate for cultural exchange projects held in Cambodia
  • Currently considering the establishment of a Japanese language school

Hopes in terms of Japan-Cambodia relations

The association's wish is the promotion of understanding through the areas of politics, economy and culture, and the further promotion of friendly relations and mutual understanding between Japan and Cambodia.

Other objectives

  • To promote friendship, cooperation and mutual understanding between Japan alumni
  • To promote academic, scientific, technological and cultural exchange with Japan
  • To publish reference materials such as newsletters, journals and periodicals either as printed matter of through the electronic media
  • To provide counseling and sharing of experiences with Cambodian students currently studying in Japan or prospective students preparing for study in Japan
  • Meeting of the JAC Executive Committee

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