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Philippine Federation of Japan Alumni, Inc (PHILFEJA)

The Philippine Federation of Japan Alumni (PHILFEJA) or Moto Nihon Hiripin Ryugakusei Renmei is the active cultural Philippine-Japan friendship conglomeration of eight (8) organizations of former students and graduates of Japanese universities and colleges including grantees and trainees of science and technology in highly advanced institutions of Japan. PHILFEJA was organized on July 19, 1976, under the initiative and guidance of Ambassador Jose S. Laurel III, a ryugakusei before the war and former Philippine Ambassador to Japan. Its incorporators are Jose S. Laurel III, Benjamin F. Sanvictores, Monico R. Vicente, Leocadio de Asis, Simplicio Z. Misa, Benjamin C. Osias, Jose G. Diaz, Bayani I. Gutierrez, Serapio A. Bravo, Diampo J. Lim, Benjamin C. Laurel and Halim R. Abubakar.

The following are the objectives of PHILFEJA:

  • To promote understanding and appreciation of the value of interdependence among nations and help achieve international cooperation for world peace and progress;
  • To support organizations and projects designed to promote ASEAN solidarity, in general, and close Philippine-Japan relations in particular, especially in the areas that would enhance the growth of the Philippines;
  • To promote unity, camaraderie, and cooperation among the members of the Federation and encourage more active participation in social development projects in the private as well as in the government sector; and
  • To develop further among the members an appreciation of the distinctive and enduring values of a Japanese education or training in special fields of expertise in Japanese institutions.

The Board of Directors of PHILFEJA is composed of the presidents of the 8 member associations, namely:

Associations Year Organized Membership
OMNI VENTURES, Inc. (OVI) 1947 NAMPO Tokubetsu Ryugakusei
Philippine Association of Japanese Ministry of Education Scholars (PHILAJAMES) 1972 Former Mombusho Scholars
Philippine-Japan Fellows Association (PHILJAFA) 1977 Government employees who went to Japan on a train program under JICA
The Philippine Cultural and Technical Association of Returned Overseas Scholars (PHILCULTAROS) 1965 Trainees in Japan under the auspices of the Association of Overseas Scholars (AOTS) and the Asian Students Cultural Association (ASCA)
The Philippine-JASCAA Youth Club (PJYC) 1976 Participants of the JASCAA Programs
Philippine Association of Japan Airlines Scholars (PHILAJALS) 1980 Participants of the JAL Program at Sophia University
Association of Philippine Private Alumni of Japanese Universities (APPAJU) 1991 Filipinos who studied in Japanese universities either on private funds or scholarships other than the Mombusho
Samahan ng mga Pilipinong Nag-aral sa Nippon (SAPILNIP) 1993 Filipinos who studied and lived in Japan for at least one year and who are not members of an alumni association within PHILFEJA

The Board of Directors holds a term of two years. The positions of President, Vice President and Treasurer held by members of the Board are rotated every two years among the 8 member associations. PHILFEJA spearheaded the establishment of the ASEAN Council of Japan Alumni (ASCOJA) on June 11, 1977, composed of the alumni associations of the original member countries of ASEAN:

Association of Indonesian Alumni from Japan
(Under the Patronage of His Majesty the King)

The Brunei Association of Japan Alumni (BAJA) of Brunei Darussalam also joined ASCOJA immediately after it became a member of ASEAN. The chairman of ASCOJA holds a term of years. The Vice Chairman becomes the Chairman of the next Conference. The first chairman of ASCOJA is Dr. Leocadio de Asis.


Through the years, PHILFEJA has been undertaking the following activities to attain its objectives.

  • Participation in the Philippines-Japan Festival held for a period of one month from February to March every year
  • Participation in JASCAA activities like seminars, conference, scholarships and exchange programs
  • Hosting and participating in ASCOJA conferences
  • Hosting and participating in ASCOJA Junior Program
  • Holding a PHILFEJA annual reunion starting year 2000
  • Annual conferment of the PHILFEJA award for outstanding contributions in the promotion of Philippines-Japan relations and ASEAN solidarity during the PHILFEJA Anniversary Celebration
  • Participation in ASJA International Programs like scholarships and exchange programs
  • 14th ASCOJA Conference

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