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Old Japanese Students' Association, Thailand (OJSAT)

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Date of founding September 15, 1951 (Under Royal Patronage since 1966)
Qualifications for membership Studies in Japan lasting more than 1 year
Executive committee 19 members (Elected members, in office for 2 years)
Alumni organizations The following alumni organizations are registered under OJSAT
  • Thai Kokusai Gakuyukai Dosokai (International Students Institute Alumni Organization, Thailand)
  • Tokai Gakuyukai Dosokai (Tokai Students Institute Alumni Organization)
  • Thai Kinki Gakuyukai Dosokai (Kinki Students Institute Alumni Organization)
  • Kyoto Dosokai (Kyoto Alumni Organization)
  • Todai Dosokai (University of Tokyo Alumni Organization)
  • The Medical Science Society
  • Thai Government Scholarship Alumni
  • Japanese Government Scholarship Alumni

Hopes in terms of Japan-Cambodia relations:

1) Member Services
  • Events and Publications: Athletic tournaments, field days, golf tournaments, study tours, sightseeing trips, seminars, year-end parties and other events organized in order to promote interaction between members as well as with non-members. Also publishes a magazine as well as newsletter.
  • Member benefits: Financial assistance provided for hospitalization and funerals.
  • Education: Study meetings regarding the Internet, fund management, the prevention of hepatitis B, etc. hosted.
  • Provides a system to search for OJSAT members through its Web site on the Internet.

2) International Exchange

OJSAT acts as a contact point or host of the following activities International exchange as a member of the ASEAN Council of Japan Alumni (ASCOJA). ASCOJA is currently comprised of Japan alumni organizations from 10 ASEAN nations.

i)ASCOJA-Junior Exchange Program (Home Stay Program):
This program is for children of ASCOJA members between the ages of 14 and 17. About 4 or 5 children from each country participate in a home stay for between 5 to 7 days.

ii)ASJA (Asia Japan Alumni) International-Junior Exchange Program (Home Stay Program):
This program invites the junior high school children from each ASCOJA chapter between the ages of 13 and 15 to stay in Japan for 2 weeks. Between 5 to 6 children participate. This program is available only to the children of ASCOJA members.

iii)ASJA (Asia Japan Alumni) International Exchange:
In 2000 the program was initiated for the scholarship students from each ASCOJA member country, in order to give them opportunities to experience Japanese culture at first-hand and to get to know Japanese people through various activities.

3) Cultural Exchange

OJSAT holds Origami, cooking, Ikebana and tea ceremony lessons in order to introduce Japanese culture in Thailand. It also organizes events to introduce Thai culture to Japanese people residing in Thailand. As an organization that is deeply involved in Japanese culture, OJSAT members also actively participate in or attend Japanese and Thai cultural exchange events such as Bon Odori Dance Festivals and Japanese plays. Other OJSAT activities to promote Japanese culture and the Japanese language includes the Japanese Speech Contest as well as the publication of the "ANONE" magazine.

4) Other

Conducts the Level 1 - 4 Japanese Language Proficiency Test in Thailand
Conducts the General Examination for Foreign Students for privately-financed Thai students
Holds the Japan Education Fair
Provides financial assistance for the publication of university textbooks and other books

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