Why did you decide to study in Japan?

I came to Japan under a scholarship requirement from Thai Farmers Bank PLC, my employer in Thailand. The bank grants scholarship each year to its employees and public. Most of the scholarships are to study in USA or in Japan. Before I took the examination for the scholarship, I had been interested in Japanese language. I had also participated in a program to develop diagnosis system for Thai small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The program was supported by Thai government and Japanese organization. Therefore, I opted for a scholarship to study in Japan as my first choice.

How was your study at the Japanese-language institute?

It was my memorable moment in Japan. At first, I came to Japan with a feeling of uncertainty. Everything seemed so strange for me, although I had studied Japanese in Thailand before. Street signs and every paper I found were only in Japanese and Kanji characters! But after my Japanese language class began, I felt much better. I had my classmates and also teachers to talk with. I could improve my Japanese language skills. In the school, teachers not only gave lessons in class, but also were mentors for Japanese cultures and how-to survive in Japan. One other lucky thing was that I had a chance to stay in the school's dormitory where there were people from many countries. It was a really good opportunity to expand more of my global knowledge.

How are you spending your days as a student in Japan?

I just started my first semester 3 weeks, but I felt as if it were 3 months!! It was not only the study that made me feel that way, but also the closeness of friends in class. The study in ICS is intense both in terms of quality and quantity. Classes in ICS are conducted in English. There are 3 classes a day, and 5 days a week. We received class wares at the onset of the semester, and had to prepare for reading assignments before the class begins. Unlike some other schools that I have heard, ICS emphasizes on practical knowledge that we can apply to real business situation. It is compulsory for an MBA candidate at the school to have a minimum 3-year work experience so that everyone can contribute to the class. Other than academic activities, the school also arranges social activities for student. For example, as an orientation to the school, ICS brought us to a rope course in Yatsugatake, Yamanashi Prefecture. It was a good start to break the ice and a good chance for 48 students from different places around the world to get to know each other.

Do you have any advice for prospective students?

I would copy a phrase from ICS' dean, "Work hard, and play hard." If you want to get knowledge for the real business world, ICS is an excellent place to find it. But no knowledge can be obtained without an expense of studying and practicing.

Uploaded on 19th December 2002