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For Prospective Students
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Why Study in Japan?
300000 Foreign Students
Selecting a School
Student Categories
Immigration Procedures
Necessary Items
Personal Accounts
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For Prospective Students
This page is for those of you who are interested in studying in Japan.
There is a wealth of information available about studying in Japan. All you need to do to make your study in Japan a success is to know your objective and make an honest effort based on firm resolve.
Why Study in Japan?
High Educational Standards and Excellent Research Environment
Rich Culture: Coexistence of Tradition and Cutting-edge High Technology
300000 Foreign Students Plan
Selecting a School
Types of Schools
Qualifications for Admission
The Japanese Academic Year
Collecting Information About Studying in Japan
Categories of Student Exchange in Japan
The 4 Categories of Student Exchange
Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho) Scholarship Students
Privately Financed Foreign Students
Foreign-government Sponsored Students
Short-term Student Exchange Program Students
Procedures for Entry and Residence
Enrolling in a Japanese-language Institute
Necessary Items for Living in Japan
Personal Experiences: A Student's Account
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